Monday, March 20th, 2023

How to Choose a New Toilet for Your Bathroom Renovation Project – An Overview

Buying a new toilet is not something that comes as easily as it did twenty years ago. With many different styles and models available, the process can at times be bewildering. It’s important to remember that choosing the correct toilet for your home will make a significant impact on how you feel about it.

Therefore it’s vital that before buying, you should ask yourself a few questions so that you know what to look for. Where is the toilet likely to be located? The toilet should be situated in an area where it can be accessed without too much delay.

This doesn’t just mean that the area is large enough to accommodate the toilet but that it should be wide enough to accommodate the basin as well. If the basin is to be placed somewhere out of reach then it’s worthwhile looking at a model that has a smaller basin. When you choose a toilet, make sure you also include a Splash Guard.

What’s the purpose of the toilet? Will you be using it for quick trips to the bathroom or will you be living in an area where you have a bathroom and kitchen separate? For example, if you are buying a toilet that will be used in an upstairs bedroom then it’s worth looking at a model that has a lower basin and a separate bowl from which the water drains.

How many people will be using the toilet? While buying a new toilet isn’t necessarily the most important thing you could be considering, it’s still worth asking yourself how many people you plan to use the toilet with yourself and how many people you think you’ll be sharing the toilet with during your daily life.

If you’re buying a model intended for use by one person then you don’t need to spend as much money as you would if you were buying a separate basin and bowl for multiple users. However, if you’re thinking about buying a standalone toilet for a family of five or more then you’ll want to go for a toilet with a wider basin.

What is the material for the basin? Plastic or ceramic? Both are great choices but plastic generally does a better job of looking like a part of the toilet to ceramic can sometimes retain odors better and is non-porous. Your toilet should ideally be made from either glass or porcelain, but there are a few exceptions to this rule.

Glass toilets come in a wide range of colors including silver blue, black, and white whilst ceramic has a limited choice of colors but they do look very modern. The size of the toilet bowl should be decided by how often you think you’ll be using it.

It’s usually cheaper to buy a bigger bowl when you’re buying a brand new toilet – although remember that if you do have to replace your old one within the next year you may not be able to fit a bigger one in at all! A smaller basin also costs less money and fits in with more contemporary designs.

Whilst buying a larger toilet bowl for everyday use might seem like an obvious solution to the cost of a toilet there are times when this isn’t a good solution. Are you going to be fitting the toilet in a public area such as a cafe? If so then you should definitely lookout for a ‘perch’ basin.

These are often more compact than the normal-sized basin but they still have a seat. This is great if you don’t want to sit on the floor whilst using the toilet. If you want a more traditional feel then a full sitting basin might suit you better. As mentioned before when buying a new toilet many things can affect the price.

For example, a porcelain base and bowl can be quite expensive, whereas glass or ceramic bowl can be relatively inexpensive. However, there are some exceptions to this rule. Some newer toilets have a ‘quilted texture’ on the inside which can look cheap but if you get this type of toilet then you’re paying a lot less than you would for a plain texture toilet!