Monday, June 5th, 2023

Merino Wool – What It Is and Why It’s Ideal for Hiking

More and more individuals are learning about the greatness of using merino wool clothing for backpacking and camping. But what’s it and what’s really great about it? Here are a few fast fundamentals about merino wool and why so many folks are dropping in like with this great fabric.

Merino wool is produced by the Merino sheep. These sheep are raised purely for their good quality wool. They produce probably the softest wool out there and are bred in a few countries though New Zealand is likely the best producers on the planet at this time. Their good quality merino wool clothing outperforms other man-made clothing and is used mainly for athletic wear.

And so why is cotton not good for hiking, and what helps make merino wool 1 of the greatest backpacking fabrics to use? Let us begin with cotton. Cotton feels fantastic, is quite durable, easy to clean and dry, and simple to take care of. But for hiking, cotton can actually be your adversary. Simply ask my husband, who on a backpacking journey several years back hiked for a few hours up a mountain wearing cotton briefs. Hiking in underwear that is wet is miserable, and he spent on it, do not to make a mistake again.

Cotton absorbs water. It absorbs sweat and remains moist. Thus, while you’re sweating along your hike, your cotton apparel absorbs that wetness and remains moist. Neither does it dry fast and additionally, it absorbs the body odors. Not as pleasant for all those around you! In case you’re using cotton, which begins absorbing your body moisture, this could also result in blistering (in case making the error of using cotton socks) or perhaps chafing along with various other areas of your body.

Merino wool on the flip side is extremely lightweight and does a great job of wicking away moisture. That is the reason it’s very prominent for athletic use and also precisely why hiking inside a merino wool sweater helps make a great deal of sense. The idea of hiking in wool might sound unusual, but since it pulls away moisture, the cloth does not allow you to overheat as some other fabrics might. It does not absorb odors as cotton does, which is a terrific aspect to have when you have to use your hiking shirt a few times! And also, unlike some other wools, this particular kind of wool is simple to take care of. Me personally, I clean all my merino wool apparel in water that is cool and hang it to dry out.

In case you have not already done so, in that case, it is time to look at investing in your first bits of merino wool hiking garments.

Happy Hiking!