Monday, March 20th, 2023

The Best First Instrument To Learn

Being able to play a musical instrument can be incredibly rewarding. Learning a new skill is great for your mental health, and mastering a new instrument can be a wonderful way to build discipline. With that said, anyone that’s interested in playing an instrument should be aware that some instruments are easier to play than others.

If you’re trying to find the best first instrument to learn, you have plenty of options. These are a few of the instruments you should consider picking up.


The guitar is considered to be one of the most accessible instruments to learn, which is why it’s such a popular first instrument. Acoustic guitars can be incredibly affordable; there are learner-friendly guitars priced under $100. There are plenty of songs that are easy to learn, and you don’t even need to learn how to read music in order to start playing. There are many guitar players that only know how to read tabs.

Playing the guitar will also give you plenty of options. You can choose between an acoustic and electric guitar, and you can always transition to a different type of guitar later on. The guitar is also a highly portable instrument, which means it’s easy to bring your guitar with you if you want to play for your friends.

Bass Guitar

The bass guitar is even easier to learn than a standard guitar. When you play this instrument, you’ll be taking on a rhythm-based role. Bassists help to add dimension to songs.

While it’s easy to learn the bass guitar, it has some downsides that make it a less-than-ideal choice as a first instrument. A bass guitar is designed to accompany other instruments. If you’re going to be playing on your own, you might be happier learning to play a standard guitar or another type of instrument.


The piano is also a popular first instrument choice. Many children receive piano lessons while they are young. Although a piano can be a steep investment, a keyboard can be very affordable. A lot of students receive lessons on a full-size piano but practice on a smaller keyboard at home.

The piano is an excellent first instrument choice if you’d like to learn more instruments in the future.

When you learn to play the piano, you’ll be able to hone your fundamental skills. You’ll be able to apply these skills when you pick up other instruments later on.


Like the guitar, the banjo is a stringed instrument. Both four and five-string banjos are available. Banjos are fairly affordable, and they’re reasonably simple to learn. While you can take lessons, it’s also possible to teach yourself to play the banjo.

If you’re interested in playing the banjo, another option you may want to consider is the mandolin. Mandolins have eight strings, but they aren’t as complex as you might think. They’re a beginner-friendly instrument that can be a lot of fun to play.


Learning to play the drums can be quite simple. When you drum, you don’t have to produce musical notes at all. Drumming is all about rhythm. If you have a natural sense of rhythm, you’ll definitely benefit from learning how to play the drums.

A drum set can take up a lot of space, and it can make a lot of noise as well. That’s why many students don’t purchase a full kit when they’re first learning. Instead, they buy a small practice pad that they can develop their skills on. However, even a practice pad isn’t a necessary purchase. It’s possible to start learning the drums with nothing but a set of drumsticks.

If you’re looking for the best first instrument to learn, any of these instruments would be a great option. Look at these instruments a little more closely and decide which one is right for you.