Monday, March 20th, 2023

What To Look Out For When Choosing Between An Electric Guitar And An Acoustic Guitar

A lot of beginning guitarists find it hard to choose between starting out with an acoustic guitar, or an electric guitar. As a beginner, you must know what kind of music it is that you want to play, what sort of guitar attracts your attention, and what guitar it is you see yourself playing in the future.

This awesome guide will show you what to look out for between an acoustic and an electric guitar so you can make a more informed decision.


Acoustic guitars are a good choice for aspiring guitarists because of their simplicity. With acoustic guitars, what you see is what you get. You’ll also find that a lot of professional guitarists started out with acoustic guitars because they are easy to use and thus, quick to understand.

The big difference between acoustic and electric guitars is that the electric guitar can be amplified while the acoustic guitar cannot.

As much as electric guitars look a bit complicated because of its electronic switches, the main features between the two are the same.

Acoustic guitars are, however, widely thought as being the harder guitar to learn because the guitar strings are usually heavier as compared to electric guitars. If this is the case for you, you’ll find that in the first few months of you playing, your fingers will adjust and become stronger.

If you still continue to struggle, visit a local music shop and ask them to replace the heavy strings with much lighter ones.


Acoustic guitars offer a lot of awesome tones and sounds. They sound really great when you strum the strings for the softest melodies. This will help you as a guitarist to pick your own sound. They are, however, limited to a single sound and you can’t add any other sound effects, unlike electric guitars.

Electric guitars are very versatile when it comes to sounds. The fact that the guitar may be attached to an external amp that has both a clean channel and a distortion channel gives the player a lot of room for sound expansion. 

The Genre Of Music That You Play

It’s a known fact that the genre of music you play dictates what sort of guitar you should use. Imagine yourself as a rock music fan with the desire of playing in a rock band as the lead guitarist. Your parents, unfortunately, decide to get you an acoustic guitar. Linkin Park’s ‘In the End’ will not sound the same on your new guitar.

If you want to play acoustic, folk, or country music, then you might need to get an acoustic. But if you are into metal or punk, then high chances are that an electric guitar is more in your area of preference.

Think about your favorite artist as well before you commit to buying a guitar. What is their style of play and how much do they inspire you? If your favorite musician plays electric, then that might be the guitar for you.


Naturally, the choice you make between the acoustic and the electric guitar should be decided by which you desire more. However, you might find that buying your preferred choice is restricted by your budget.

Electric guitars are more expensive than acoustic guitars because you will need an amp, picks, and a tuner. These items can really pump up the costs. As for acoustic guitars, you’ll only need a tuner, picks, and the guitar itself. This makes acoustic guitars the more budget-friendly guitar between the two.

Try Before You Buy

As a novice guitar player, your first choice of instrument is key to your success. Getting the right guitar for you means having to choose which motivates you more.

Even if you are not able to play any music just yet, make sure you try both options before making the choice to buy. With this information and exposure, you should be well on your way to getting the right guitar for you and learning how to play it.